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Gautam Goyal from Houston is here with one of the most used topics in the modern world that is Pay Per Click. PPC helps you to keep your website above all the others on the search engines. It is an alternative to the hard work of SEO techniques. There are certain tips and tricks for using PPC to boost your business. 

Gautam Goyal Houston brings you the following tips to help you out get your business on the top. 

Long-tail keywords

If you are not familiar with the word, the long-tail keywords are just the longer keywords. People use longer keywords and more complex search queries in Google. As Google is getting better every day, the searches are getting more specific and conversational. 

The long-tail keywords get a bit less traffic than the broader one, more generic keywords but also they get more targeted and cheaper per click. 

Adding the long-tail keywords are great way to lower the cost per click cost and the customer acquisition cost. It helps you to bring more leads for the equal or even less spending. 

Managing the location-specific searches

This might seem a simple step but if you are servicing in a particular area, don’t only target the campaigns to that area. Make sure to design ads that let people understand that you can help them in their suburb. 

You can design separate ad groups for each major city or suburb and add the location-specific searches as keywords are different for each appropriate ad group. That ad group must include the ads having location in the headline of the ad. 

If you are in ecommerce, this strategy might not work for you. People who search for “dog food in Perth” might be looking for the mortar and bricks store they can visit. They are not likely to wish to visit an ecommerce site that will deliver in a few days. 

Using modified bread match keywords

You may see the instance of long-tail keywords being “I had +” in front of the keyword. This is known as the modified bread match search keyword. 

The modified broad match are the middle ground between the broad math, phrase and exact words. Such broad match help you to reach the widest audience but also can lead to wasted spending on the irrelevant clicks. Phrase and exact are comparatively more restrictive match types. The modified broad match allow you to reach a bigger audience and also give you more control over who sees your ads. 

Managing your bids

For the last couple of years, Google has been promoting the new ish automated bidding strategies and techniques. These include Maximize conversions and maximize clicks that sound great. While these work well for you, they are not always expected to work the way they intend. Such only work in certain situations. 

Optimizing the mobile strategy

We all are aware of our use of mobile devices, it has changed since last few years. For every 100 people in the United States, there are 132 mobiles used. Many people have phone and a tablet or a personal and professional phone. To get the best result from your buck mobile users, you will have to do the following things: 

  • Ensure that your landing page is always mobile-friendly
  • Keep your ad copy concise
  • Never be afraid of promoting phone calls 

Call extensions are always a great add-on that allows the users to click on the call icon to send a call to you directly from the ad when they are using their mobile. Always make sure to add the necessary extensions in your ad. 

Optimizing the holiday strategy

Social media ads can get the attention quickly. Creating ads specific to the upcoming holidays is a great way to keep your ads interesting and attracting. Promotions can also help you out at this stage. You can add promotions to the ad copy and infuse them with a sense of urgency. 

Use of live chat

We always keep saying this point. Using live chat is a great way to boost the conversion rates. Your visitors don’t always wish to fill up a form and wait for you to reply them. Using Chatbot is a greater way to help you manage the live chat. We have seen that clients see a massive increase i.e. around 53% conversion rate due to the use of Chatbot feature to book meetings and for logging the customer requests. 

It is easy to get started with a ChatBot. Many of the websites provide you free live chat solutions for the basic features. These also help you to increase your conversion rates and give your visitors a better experience. 


These were a few of the helpful PPC tips and tricks that may help you to boost the performance of your website in the United States by Gautam Goyal Houston. You may follow any one or all of them to get your work done.