Do you enjoy the rush of riding a powerful ATV through rough terrain? ATVs are incredible machines, but underneath that body is a complex device. If you’re going to push it to its limits, it’s a good idea to know the parts so you can do repairs and fixes if necessary.

The ATV is composed of several parts that can change and vary depending on the model. Below, we go over ATV parts and provide a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know.


The ATV parts are shell molded plastic shells that bolt onto the various sections with fasteners. They serve primarily to protect the internal mechanisms, engine, and rider. This can occur as a result of trail impact, dust, and debris.

The rear mudguard is one of the most important parts. The mudguard shields the rider from dirt and earth that rushes out from behind the rear wheels. Panels in the back prevent them from reaching the engine and transmission.


The exhaust system will be located beneath the body of the ATV parts. Its purpose is to protect the rider from the heat that will accumulate during use. The exhaust can be switched on and off to provide a little extra horsepower.


Suspension is one of the most important aspects of ATV parts. Suspension softens the impact of the wheels and body on the ground. You’d be in for a very stiff and bumpy ride without it.

Suspension units are typically adjustable, allowing you to fine-tune them to provide more or less pressure depending on how you use them. Each wheel will have its own set of ATV suspension parts. If they need to be changed, they can be removed and replaced.


Depending on the type of ATV you have purchased, protective equipment will appear in various areas of the ATV parts. The bar across the front of the ATV parts that protect the engine is the most common. They can also be found on the side, in the back, and guarding the chain.