Types of Solitaire

If you want to know about the most popular and famous type of solitaire games, then you are at the right spot! We all know that the trend of playing this card game is going the highest of all.

There are many and a bunch number of variations that are a part of this game. In this piece of writing, you can catch up with the complete detail about it.

Furthermore, you might have noticed and even observed this practice that Klondike is the most popular version of this specific game. It managed to trigger and grab a massive amount of fame at its end.

The rest of the details on the most popular types and versions of Solitaire games are here mentioned below for you:


Firstly, we have the Klondike Solitaire game version for you. We have already told you that this is the most popular game till now whenever we say and utter the word of solitaire. 

Most importantly, it happened during the time of the 19th century when this game appeared and launched for the very first time. In addition, it shows its origin with Klondike in Canada.

Talking about its game-play version, it makes use of a 52-card deck. You just have to arrange these cards by suit.

Make sure to start right with the Ace and then end this card setting with the King. These cards are arranged in 7 piles. 


We are sure that most of you must have played this spider solitaire game. When it comes to the category of these 2-deck types of Solitaire games, then this Spider game has always made its mark and significance.

The chance to win this game is 1 in every 3 games. Furthermore, this game makes use of two card decks.

You can either play it with one suit or you are allowed to play it with more than one suit. In addition, the tableau setting works similarly in a way likewise you use to do in Klondike.


How about playing this FreeCell game! If you are a fan of Klondike, then you will equally love and praise this game.

To play this game, you have to be proficient in making a smart and highly strategic game plan. In other words, you have to opt for a more careful as well as thoughtful approach.

This game comes with the highest solvable probabilities. It is seen that around and about 99% of this game deals are solvable.

Keep in mind that this game makes use of a single deck. Its cards are actually and specifically dealt into 7 piles.

In this game, you are not going to find any Stock pile. All the cards are facing forward and they remain to stay visible to the player.


It is from the concept of three pyramid peaks that the name of this game is specifically derived and extracted. You can even call this game with the name of Three Peaks, Tri Towers, and also with the title of Triple Peaks. 

This game was introduced and invented by Robert Hogue in the time of 1989. To play this game, make sure that it uses a 52-card deck.

It is in the three 4-rows pyramids shape that the cards of this game are particularly positioned. When it comes to the base of each pyramid, then we have seen that they are composed of 4 cards and they are facing forwards.


In this game, you will see the presence of a simple and general layout. This is the popular solitaire game too.

It got its name right from the single pyramid shape. The interesting part about this game is that it is injected with the lowest probability of winning. 

The player has to follow a strategic approach while he is playing this game. Furthermore, the chances of winning are 1 in 50.

You can well understand this point that Pyramid is a kind of Solitaire pairing game. Here, you need to set 28 cards on the tableau and they have to be facing forward.

Set these cards in the shape of a pyramid. The overall goal of this game is to deconstruct the pyramid and this is done by pairing cards whose total and whole equals are up to 13 points.

Baker’s Dozen

For the information, this solitaire game version makes use of a standard 52-card deck. Here the cards are set and completely organized into 13 piles.

Make sure to place the Kings at the bottom of the piles and this practice should always be followed. The mission of this game is to build the foundations and you need to follow the ascending order in this regard.

You can only move the upper cards completely within the piles.


The last solitaire game is titled as Forty Thieves. This game is played with the help of two 52-card decks, one of the best games.

You need to remember that these cards are dealt and organized into 10 piles and all of these cards remain to stay exposed as well.

The player has to make 8 foundations on the tableau and suit sequences are building up in the ascending order form.

If you know more about solitaire game versions, then share your thoughts about them.