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WordPress used to be the go-to destination for bloggers. The design primarily complemented the hosting of blogs. Over the years WordPress has evolved and has adopted a lot more functions. You can now host any kind of website on WordPress. Be it an eCommerce website, portfolio sites, business directories, they can all be supported by WordPress. WordPress is developed in such a way that beginners would feel the most comfortable using it. Here are a number of reasons to use WordPress to host your website if you are a beginner.


A lot of hosting platforms are developed with the concept that only experienced web developers would need to host websites. They hadn’t considered that a few beginners would also need to make use of web hosting to develop their brands or business. WordPress has the simplest user interface of web hosting platforms. You wouldn’t require any prior technical knowledge to host your website on WordPress. You do not need a lot of ideas regarding managing websites to edit and post contents on to your WordPress website. The content management system is so simple that anyone can use it.


The ultimate benefit of using WordPress is that the software is free to get started with. For anyone without a definite website goal and just exploring the digital world, will find this very useful. However, for a very small price, you can avail managed WordPress that opens up an array of advantages from a web hosting angle. One can always start with the free and basic version and upgrade once they get a hang of creating website content. If you opt for a fully managed WordPress service from a good hosting company, you don’t have to donate any energy towards maintenance of your website.


The web hosting needs of one keeps changing over time. You might start with a blog to start creating your brand identity. As you start progressing and building, your website requirements may go beyond a blog. WordPress is capable of adapting with your changing needs as well. WordPress can be used to host your blog for the beginning of your journey and lets you switch to an ecommerce website or any other type of website when the need arises. This sort of flexibility WordPress offers is highly advantageous to a beginner.


WordPress offers a wide range of features. For starters, they have over 54,000 plugins for you to choose from. Using this you can make sure your website is completely unique from all the other websites. For any function you need to add to your website, WordPress will have a plugin equipped for that. WordPress also offers countless themes for one to choose from. This lets you unleash your creative side and create a beautiful website that resonates with your brand identity.


WordPress helps you maximize your website contents in such a way that the search engines will easily find you. You can also use additional tags and plugins to further enhance the SEO friendliness of your website. Today we have numerous amounts of websites on the internet. With such a large number of websites existing, it is hard to get your website to be easily viewed by users. Using a WordPress will increase the chances of your website being visible and this will help boost your business.

So, as we can see there are multiple benefits WordPress can offer beginner web creators. If you are starting out in the web content development community in order to create your brand identity, then WordPress is the one stop destination for you. 

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