Perfect Logo Designer for Your Brand

How many brands can you think of when we say you remember Logo Designer by logo? Nike? Addidas? McDonald’s? KFC? Subway or maybe Wendys. There are a lot many brands with visible and attractive logos that you would instantly remember whenever you see their logos. Logos are an important and attractive part of your whole branding. One of the many mistakes that most brand marketing managers make is they do not give much of the importance to the logo and just give this job to the amateurs and later regret it. When it comes to logo branding you have to do a thorough research and make sure everything is done right on point, because compromising on such a thing is not recommended when it comes to designing a LOGO. In order to have an effective and attractive logo, it is important to have a good logo designer in your team. Choosing the right branding is half a battle, that you would have to fight in order to get the desired logo

Following are some tips that can help you out in choosing a right designer

1. Go for the one whose work is varied

When you are looking for a designer, you would find a hundred of them, literally graphic designing is very common and every body is doing it. However, there is a catch here, every designer has a specific style which they go for every time someone ask them to design. You should go for someone who is experienced in different kinds of designing, the one who can play with different colors, tools and can bring something extra ordinary. The ones that are not specific and have work experience in a vast category are the ones worth going for. Designers who have a varied style, their work is based on specific research and skill, they make sure they conduct extensive research and make the logo right according to your brand persona. Whereas the ones who are too specific with their work, you may even like their work but they might not be suitable for your brand.

2. Logo should be a vector

Your logo should be in different forms, as the brand uses the logo in different things like flyer, billboards, pamphlets, social posts and everywhere. You must get your logo designed in a way that can be adjusted anywhere and it should be flexible. When you have a vector graphic, it can surely be scaled to any size without compromising over the quality. However, some amateur designers design a logo in a bitmap format that loses its quality when they are resized.

3. Logo should work in one color

This tip may be unpopular and not many people promote this tip, but it is one of the most important things that you need to keep in mind while choosing a logo designer for your brand. However, you must keep in mind that nowhere we are saying you cannot have multiple colored logo, you absolutely can. The only catch is you need to make it in a way that even if you do it in one color, its going to look extra-ordinary. You have to make sure the overall look is exceptional even if you decide to go with one color only. If your logo relies on gradients, colors or effects only for its designing, whenever you would need to do it in one color only, the overall logo would look pretty bad. This is why make sure when you are getting your logo done, you are trying it out in one color only as well.

4. You must be told about font licensing

We all  know how not all the pictures and images that you see online are not free for you to use, you have to buy them in order to use them in your designs and marketing. Same is the case with the fonts, you cannot just copy them and use them in your logos. If there is any particular kind of font that you are using you must be legally allowed to do it. This means you have to make sure all the licenses are already paid and that font licensing is also shown in the logo designs. Not all fonts are allowed to be used in the logo designs. In case as a client, you want your designer to use a particular font and the designer does not already have it, the additional cost will be added to the overall fees of the project. In case you cannot pay for the licensed font, it is better for you to inform your designer first.

5. You must have logo guidelines

When you have a logo designed by a designer, it is important for you to get proper guidelines from your designer. The proper use of design and logo is essential and the guidelines can only be given by the designer who has done work on it. There will be ties where you will have to use the logo in different formats or you may have to ask other people to use your logo, therefore providing them with the right branding and logo guidelines at this point is important. 

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