Medical Tests for Defense Exams

Candidates who wish to join the Indian Air Force, Indian Army, or Indian Navy must pass the medical tests rigorous defence examinations. In order to pass the defence test, applicants must not only know everything and have excellent question-answering skills but also be physically and medically healthy. Know that many candidates get the necessary test scores but fail the medical examinations. Therefore, even though they strive tirelessly from the bottom of their hearts, they may be rejected.

Don’t be frightened! You do not need to waste time attempting to determine what medical examinations you must pass in order to join the military. This page explains all you need to know about the medical tests included in the defence exams.

Remember that the commission will also allow you to rectify any slight drops that might prevent you from advancing to the following round. You can only afford so much time to deal with minor ailments.

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Read on to find out everything you need to know about the medical tests you must pass to join the Indian military:

How to Determine Body Size

During this phase, specialists will evaluate the candidates’ standing and sitting postures. You must have a body that is in pristine condition and meets all of the officials’ standards. Note that you must undergo the external body examination and provide an explanation for the marks on your body. To clarify, six-pack abs are not required to pass the body measurement exam. Some hereditary illnesses, such as gynecomastia, might reduce your chances of selection, and your chest must have expanded by at least 5 centimeters. There will also be bone and joint examinations.

Examine With Your Dentist

People frequently claim that lacking more than eight teeth might make it difficult to properly chew food. Due to this, specialists also get their teeth examined. You have a low chance of being rejected because of your teeth.Additionally, taking care of one’s oral health is required in order to join the armed forces.

Examination of the Eyes

A very crucial examination, an eye exam, is performed to ensure that the applicant can do his duties effectively. Many individuals who wish to join the military believe the urban legend that wearing glasses will result in rejection. No, that’s not the case.

If you wear corrective lenses, your vision must not be worse than 6/12.

The commission has also established limitations for myopia (0.75D) and hyperopia (+1.5D). The candidate cannot be colorblind or unable to see in the dark, since this would eliminate them from consideration.

Binocular vision III: For colour perception I and the flying branch, you must have 6/6 vision.

Even corrective eye surgery can only be performed once. After that, you must have healthy eyes. Should you go beyond this limit, your application might be rejected completely.

  • Checking the Interior
  • After passing the aforementioned tests, it is time for the internal body check:
  • Blood test
  • Chest X-ray of the lungs
  • Live ultrasound examination of a kidney stone
  • Urine test

Note that the commission will provide you with a specific amount of time to resolve the minor issue. The commission will tell you how much time you have to solve the problem.

Height check-up

The commission has previously established the minimum height criterion, which is 157 cm, regardless of weight. The panel has ruled that women cannot exceed 152 centimeters in height.

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We hope you now have a complete understanding of the medical tests you must pass to join the military. Using credible sources, it is important to remain current on the most recent information on medical exams.

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