How to spy on Phone and MAC with TheOneSpy

Are you staying at home because of the quarantining and the COVID-19 spread in most parts of the world? But what about the workload that has been building upon you and your team? Do you think that productivity has gone to almost zero during this work from the home situation? Do you think that you need to stop the work while all the people are going through the quarantining and social distancing? 

Well, this does not have to be the case, even if all the people are observing the social distancing protocol. But how are you going to increase the productivity of work? Well, you can spy on MAC to check if the employees are working or wasting time. Do you think this is a relevant solution? Well, yes, it is the best solution to deal with the situation just like this. TheOneSpy app for the android phone and MAC is the one to help you out with increasing productivity and checking and tracking the performance of the employees.

TheOneSpy app

The Spy app for cell phone and MAC is a solution that you have been looking for. The application of TheOneSpy is extensive and has been the best for the parents and the employers as well. You can not only have knowledge about the activities of the employees and kids, but you can also understand the mindset, interest, and a lot more by their actions on their devices. We have a long list of features that have been helping the people to keep track of the events. The first and the foremost feature is the access to your MAC without any hindrance. You can then use the software to check the emails that were sent or received. 

You can also check the archived chats and messages. One other thing that you can do it to check the files on the MAC and check the time spent on work and other sites. There are a lot of features that enable you to use the rear camera and webcam to know about the surroundings as well. You can also use the live tracking facility and the recording of the screen. The best part of TOS is that you can use the app while it is hidden from the user of the MAC or, the targeted device. So, the user will never know about the MAC being tracked and monitored by the boss or anyone else.

How to spy on MAC & Phone using TheOneSpy App?

There is no huge hustle that can stop you from using TOS. The TOS is a super simple and easy to use the app, that you can use just after following a few steps.

Here are the steps to use TOS that you need to follow if you have to use the TOS on MAC.


The first step is to explore the website of the TOS to know what offers are there and what are the features that they are providing. You can also explore the price plan and the packages along with different versions.


Once you know what you need and what you are getting with the TOS app, you can purchase a plan. Once you get an idea based on your need and requirement, you can pay for it and avail of the perks it has to offer.


Now you can download the app on the targeted MAC and phone see the functioning on your control panel. You will get access to the control panel of your customized profile when you register and purchase the app.

Use the TOS App

Now, after downloading, the app will be in full function; you can use the various features available on the app. The control panel of the app will provide you all the details for the MAC.

Wrap up

While you are planning to spy on MAC, you need to know how you can do it. Moreover, TheOneSpy app not only gives you the detail about how to use the app on MAC, windows, android, or iOS, it also provides you the details about all the other features.