Lost Car Keys

Keys are the entry point into your car or house. And if you lose them, then Lost Car Keys Are Not a Problem Any More These Daysyou are left outside the house. And if your car keys are the traditional set of keys, then that is of no consequence at all. You are bound to get them replaced by your nearest auto locksmith. But if your lost car keys are of the modern type then you are in for quite some trouble. 

Lost car keys are not always because you left them inside your car intentionally or left them somewhere else. It occurs that you were thinking about something else and left your keys inside the car, locking it, only to realize later that you made a mistake. This is only a part of human life. There has been an incident where the car keys fell into a pond and they had to get new keys made because they were the type that key fobs. 

A Checklist Of What You Should Do In Case Of Lost Keys

In case your lost car keys are nowhere to be found, here is what you can do:

  • The first thing that anyone would impulsively do is to check thoroughly everywhere. Keep on remembering where all you had gone and placed your belongings and that might actually lead you to your lost car keys.
  • The next step in case you have not found your lost car keys would be to inform your insurance company in writing because they should be made aware of the situation. This way your car can get stolen. If they are not informed the chances of you getting your claim are negligible.
  • Spare keys are always given with every car, so you can make use of them. Though if you are far away from home, this is a remote possibility because spares are always left there. But if you really have to go back home to get the spare keys it is always advisable that you keep your car in safe custody before you leave as there are chances that it might be stolen.
  • But make sure that you do not use unauthorized keys because that could lead to a breach of warranty by the manufacturer. So, get proper car keys from the original maker.
  • Lodging a complaint would be a solution if you are to take police help in tracking it. It would also be essential while going for any insurance claim if the situation so arises.
  • If your lost car keys are a problem, think carefully about what sort of key you could get re-made by the auto locksmith if you do not have the spare ones also.

Types Of Car Keys and how to Recover Them?

You have to understand the type of car key that you have to get it back if your lost car keys are not found at all. There are various types of keys as:

  • Conventional car keys – These pose the least problem. They can easily be made by calling the auto locksmith. Sometimes if the ignition cylinder is broken the maker takes extra charges to replace that. But this very rarely happens. So, relax if you have these keys.
  • Transponder keys – They are more or less like conventional car keys but a bit advanced in nature. Auto locksmiths often have the same keys with the same chips. They may charge an extra bit but your lost car keys will be replaced.
  • Keys with fobs – This sort of key has an external fob and if both key and fob are lost an auto locksmith will again get you the same.
  • Fobs with keys attached to them – Some keys are folded into the fobs. If you lose such a key then you are in deep trouble. There are two options for you. Go to your car dealer or use the spare one if you have one. A locksmith will be of no help here.
  • Smart keys – Most cars of today have keyless systems. It is just a push-button system to start your car. But if you lose this keyless fob, you either get your spare set or get your car towed to your dealership. 

These are the main types of car keys available in the market today.

Information That You Should Pass to An Auto Locksmith

There is certain information that you should pass on to your locksmith in case your lost car keys are nowhere to be found. You must advise him of the model and make of your vehicle. You also have to give him your car registration number, VIN, personal identification details and the postal code of the place where you are stuck in.

With all this information passed on to your locksmith, you might see a light at the end of the tunnel. Your lost car keys will finally get a replacement and relief for you.

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